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Interactive Visual Installation _ Part of AI - Group Exhibition
NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam NL

This installation uses a Python script to identify visitors’ faces and the length and frequency of each visit. Programs like this one may be used on intercom and security cameras in or outside stores and venues.
The line between safety and privacy is blurred, confused, mistaken.

Are you safe?

Omnicore reports that 1,074 pictures are uploaded on Instagram per second.
That’s 64,440 per minute and almost 4 million per hour. The number of pictures and videos uploaded daily is estimated at 95 million.

Most of these are public and easily accessible by anyone on or outside of Instagram or Facebook.

Pictures are stolen and used against owners’ knowledge for advertising shops, websites, porn sites,
dark web pornography, and child pornography.
Security cameras, webcams, phone cameras, baby monitors,
and nanny cams can be hacked and tracked by police, government, corporations.
Our image is constantly at risk.
Our faces can be tracked, our identities stolen.
Surveillance is money.

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