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Rosetta Series
Amsterdam, NL

Lockdown 2020 forced us all indoors for the first time in many years. Mera Label was one of the first to offer an online audio-visual festival to alleviate the pain for those fortunate enough to be healthy at home. 

I was asked to participate along with Vasco Guedes (composer) to partake in a live online transmission of audio-visual fun. Among many artists from different parts of Europe. 

I designed this set alternating states of meditation and chaos, as it best represented the emotional overture that was the quarantine.


The visuals respond and are manipulated by the sound. 

Cause and Effect

                                                Chaos and Calm

Because of the lockdown, I took advantage of the free archives of the European Space Agency to work on what I call the Rosetta Series.

The work is named after the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko (67P) and the track 71B by portuguese musicians Vasco Guedes and Pedro Branco. I made it by editing part of the 400.000 pictures taken by space probe Rosetta. The probe was called after the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian stele featuring a decree in three scripts.


The contrast of the quiet sky after the storm.
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