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RETWEET - Confusion
collab with artist Eva van der Zand
NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam, NL

Last summer a man threw a brick through a window, shattering the privacy of my visual studio in Amsterdam. A desk, a chair, a photographic darkroom covered in glass pieces.

I asked Eva to meet me in my darkroom studio at NDSM. Eva is a glass artist and in the darkroom we saw our work's potential to fuse.

Sometimes things don’t fuse. This creates a tension, things can crack and material can even explode. Things can unfuse, diffuse or get confused.


With this work we want to create a moment of reflection. Images are seen through broken glass and rearview mirrors.

Fragility and strength fuse as the materials invite different perspectives.

Research questions: 

How to fuse? 

How to bring the personal in a bigger context for an exhibition? 

How to reveal your personal stories in a safe way? 

How to let the visitor fuse?

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