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PXLdata_ is an audio-visual installation that creates a new way to experience color. The symbiotic information feedback between image and sound.

This project is born from the fusion of the musical talent of Vasco Guedes, a.k.a. shplss, and my vision to turn photographic images into what I call pixel-paintings.

Portuguese artist shplss saw the potential in my work for an interactive audio-visual experience that reads the pixels and interprets the RGB values creating soundscapes that reflect the atmosphere of the painting.

PXLdata_ changes the way we experience image and sound. In doing so, it forces the audience to reconsider the very concept of perception.

The software involved in the installation is entirely programmed and tailored to the pixel-paintings we chose to represent.

I created the paintings using Processing. By reading the values of highlights, shadows and RGB, it allows me to re-arrange the position of the pixels into abstract landscapes.

The sound of color

PXLdata_ is focused on the DNA of colors, looking closely at the smallest piece of information of the image, the pixel, creating a work based on its information. Unveiling the microscopic details, defining the true identity of these digital images.

Corona Update: Once life as we know it can return to its normality, we will be ready to present the installation live to give a taste of how a visual experience can be relative to the senses of the audience.


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