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67p Comet

Videos created with footage from an ESA space probe, video editing in times of Covid

In these times of Covid19, going out and shooting footage is nearly impossible.

That's why I am thankful for the existence of online archives, in this case I would like to thank the European Space Agency for rendering their footage available.

This video is named after the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko (67P) and the track 71B by Portuguese musicians Vasco Guedes, aka shplss, and Pedro Branco @prl_b. I made it by editing some of the 400.000 pictures taken by space probe Rosetta. The probe was called after the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian stele featuring a decree in three scripts. - Find the full album on @bandcamp 'adrift ft. Pedro Branco' by shplss -shplss.info

Spacing Out

This video was made with some of the 400.000 pictures taken by the space probe Rosetta. Special thanks to the ESA @europeanspaceagency for rendering the pictures available and to Michele Cigna for the music. @michelecigna


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