Obstruct Series

The expansion of the universe is the increase in distance between any two given gravitationally unbound parts of the observable universe with time.
It is an intrinsic expansion whereby the scale of space itself changes.
The universe does not expand "into" anything and does not require space to exist "outside" it.

music by MoDub

This series was developed as an exploration of spatial perception with an interactive element in order to allow audio-visual communication. 

What you see is what you hear.

The work Obstruct II was showcased in the Shibuya district in Tokyo on a set of screens present in the street and markets of the district. Special thanks to New Media Art for making this possible.

The work 'The Hekate Trial' was shown on the opening of Creative Code Festival in NYC hosted at LightBox.


The festival took place over the 12th and 15th of November 2020 and it was recorded by videographers and streamed on Twitch, as well as accessible through a platform, named Sansar, which is something similar to a virtual reality experience allowing the visitors to join remotely in VR during the Covid pandemic lockdown.