Giulia Principe - Visual Artist

My work explores the relationship between analog and digital graphics, from photography to interactive animation, coding and 3D printing.

I was born in Naples in 1992. Since I was 4 years old, I have struggled with sleep disorders, nightmares, and sleep-walking. My mind is hyperactive, and my vivid memory feeds my dreams at night and influences how I feel during the day. Drawing brought me relief from a young age. However, it was not enough to fulfill my need of self-expression. This got me to experiment with photography, filmmaking, interactive graphics, and creative coding. Today I combine these skills and keep working on experimenting with new media. 

After studying illustration and filmmaking in Naples, I moved to London and studied at the London Film Academy. In 2013 I relocated to Amsterdam to study Interactive Animation at SAE Institute. I currently work as a VFX lecturer at United POP Academy in Amsterdam; video and VR technician at Eye Filmmuseum and Indyvideo.

Meanwhile, I have been working on my research projects and developing installations in collaboration with several artists. In 2020 I co-founded Xposed Lab Studio with fellow photographer Iñigo Viu. Xposed is a Contemporary Experimental Art Space. where mixed media artists come together and share skills such as photography, videomaking, coding, building installations, and visual exhibitions. 

Giulia Principe


2012 - 2013

2013 - 2014

Work Experience

2021 - Present

2018 - Present

2017 - 2020

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2015 - 2017

2014 - 2016

VFX Lecturer, United POP Academy

VR Technician, EYE Filmmuseum

Digital Imaging Lecturer, SAE Insitute

3D Artist, Holofil

3D Printing Tech. & Designer,  STEIM

3D Printing Tech. & Designer, Local Makers

Editor & Concept Artist, EMS Films




BorderLess,  Aircord Studio + The Shift Tokyo, Japan


NEOShibuyaTV, NMA, Tokyo, Japan



RETWEET, NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam NL


Wunderkamer, NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam NL



Creative Code Showcase, Lightbox NYC, New York

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