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Noise Pole

Interactive Audio-Visual Performance

Analog visuals are digitally edited and controlled by interactive audio produced by the musicians, a group of SAE Institute Alumni.This visual project sees analog tree shots on film opposed to WW2 footage to underline the devastating impact of man over nature.


Tiago Tirone - Guitar & FX

Tiago Cruz - Max, Kalimba & Piezo's

Conner de Weers - Pure Data, Bass & FX

Vasco Guedes - Pure Data, Alchemy, No-Input Mixing, Monotron's & Self-Built Electronics

Lucas 'Bob' Kauter - Camera Operator

Giulia Principe - Video Editor & VJ


Interactive performance at Pakhuis De Zwijger during the final days of the Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016.

Immaterialicious brought fashion designers ( such as Jakob Kok, Schueller de Waal, Nieuw Yurk ) together with sound and graphic designers with the support of STEIM ( ) to visualize the designer's "fashion view" in an interactive way.

Each model wore sensory garments, Lilypads and movement sensors in their jackets, that controlled and transformed the graphics and sound live on stage.

"A transhumanistic view on how fashion identity merges with the internet."


For the first time Dutch Fashion labels showcased their vision on digital fashion. In an interdisciplinary collaboration with 6 digital creatives, the digital representation of their labels will be shown as the result of the by Nuages Gris facilitated Master class and sensory garments.




Natuur in de Delta

Concept art digital illustration I prepared for the making of Holland - The Living Delta, the second of the trilogy of documentaries by Mark Verkerk.

A week after its release, Holland – The Living Delta was awarded the prize for best movie poster of the year.
Holland, The Living Delta celebrates the diverse natural heritage of the Dutch rivers and delta region while sketching the cultural and historical context that has played such a vital part in shaping them. It is often said that while God created the world, the Dutch created Holland.

Using cutting edge cinematic techniques ranging from eagle’s eye aerial views to unprecedented underwater scenes revealing rarely scene secret worlds — Holland, The Living Delta presents a portrait of this unique wetland area of Europe as never seen before; capturing it in an important moment of change, when many of the natural processes, all but strangled by dikes, pumps and canals, are recovering.


A time when new life is flooding back into the delta.


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