.Print Expo x WUNDERKAMER_NDSM Fuse_Aug-Sep2021

.Video Art x Laura Nygren/Show Pony_REWIRE Festival_May2021

.Installation x Aircord Studio w/The Shift Tokyo_Japan_March2021

.Contestant x Creative Code Festival_Lightbox NYC_November2020

.Design x Recording Studio_Redstone Productions_January2020

.Photography & Design x Recording Studio_Hal5Studio_Summer2017

.3D Printing Workshop x _SAE Institute Netherlands_February2017

.3D Printing & Design x Interactive Performance_Metabody_22thJuly2016

.Live Visuals x Interactive Performance x Fashion Week_IMMATERIALICIOUS_8thJuly2016


.Concept Art & VFX x Film "Holland: Natuur in de Delta"_EMS Films_Summer2016

.Live Visuals x ELECTRONIC MUSIC LABORATORY_VondelBunker_28thNov2014

.Photo Expo x TIME - Contest Winner @ Ferrigni35_9thMarch2012

.Photo Expo x AUTOMATED EXPRESSION @ Kest'e' D'iner_8thDec2011

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VFX Lecturer @ United POP Academy_2021-Present

Co-founder @ Xposed Lab 2019-Present

Post-Production Editor @ The Victorians Film_2019

VR Operator + Tech @ EYE Filmmuseum_2018-Present
Freelance Editor & 3D Artist_2016-Present
Lecturer @ SAE Insitute - Film & Game Department_2017-2020

3D Artist @ Holofil_2017-2019
3D Printing Tech. & Designer @ STEIM_2016
3D Printing Tech. & Designer @ Local Makers_2015-2016
Editor & Concept Artist @ EMS Films_2014-2016

Giulia Principe, born in Naples in 1992, lived in the UK to study Filmmaking, then moved to Amsterdam where she graduated Game Design at SAE Institute. Currently working as a VFX and post production lecturer at  United POP Academy, as a freelance designer and VR Operator at EYE Filmmuseum. Giulia’s work explores the relationship between analog and digital graphics, from photography to interactive animation, coding and 3D printing. Co-founder of Xposed Lab Studio at NDSM Treehouse.





Game Design @ SAE Institute Netherlands_2013-2014
Film-making @ London Film Academy_2012-2013
Film-making & D.o.P. @ Pigrecoemme_2011-2012
Analog & Digital Photography @ Pigrecoemme_2011
Drawing & Illustration @ International School of Comics_2007-2009